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Bring back your entire operating system and data with one simple click

Updated: Sep 6

Why are so many companies getting hit with ransomware even though they have made significant investments in a layered security model? The reason is because ransomware is getting more targeted. The solution, a new approach to data protection.

NeuShield Data Sentinel takes a completely different approach by creating a protective shield between your files and applications. When ransomware or other applications make changes, the original files stay intact allowing users to revert any unwanted change that has been made. While other products create backup copies of your files which, can dramatically increase disk usage and cause a significant performance overhead, NeuShield’s revolutionary Mirror Shielding™ technology can preserve the original file without requiring a backup, which allows Data Sentinel to protect files with virtually no additional disk activity.

  • What would you do if the protection you have in place fails to protect you for just 5 minutes or fails against a single threat?

  • What if your company is a victim of a targeted or zero-day threat? Are you sure all your employees can properly deal with this situation?

  • What if your employees visit a website that was infected by a new fileless malware?

  • What would you do if all your data was encrypted by a completely new, Fully UnDetectable (FUD) ransomware threat?

NeuShield Data Sentinel allows you to shield and protect your data from malware or human error. Features include boot protection, disk protection, file and folder protection, file lockdown, One-Click Restore and cloud protection. If your business is time sensitive and cannot afford downtime, NeuShield is the essential layer of protection your business needs today.

Features and Benefits

NeuShield provides Managed Service Providers (MSP) and your IT staff the perfect tool to ensure all their users are fully protected against threats that could impact their business. Deployment, management and recovery can all be administered from a single multi-tenant cloud-based management console to provide customers with zero downtime.

Remote One-Click Restore

Recovers a damaged or infected operating system from the management interface without requiring local access to the computer.

Remote Revert

If a computer gets infected or data becomes corrupt the NeuShield management interface allows you to recover the corrupted or encrypted files immediately.

File Lockdown

Let’s suppose you are the victim of a ransomware attack and can't afford to have any downtime. No problem! NeuShield Data Sentinel allows you to lock your data so employees can continue working and using their data until you can use One-Click Restore to recover your operating system.

Cloud Protection

Damage from ransomware can increase exponentially when using cloud drives. NeuShield Data Sentinel stops the spread of ransomware and allows corrupted data to be recovered instantly. We support Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and

Boot Protection

Protects the boot portion of a drive to prevent aggressive types of ransomware from taking over the boot process and preventing applications from writing to the boot record.

Disk Protection

Monitors all direct disk access preventing malicious programs from destroying data on the hard drive or SSD. Protects against destructive ransomware or wipers that attempt to wipe the disk.

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